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We’re the Clayvilles, former rat-race prisoners, turned care-free island family. We moved to American Samoa in June, 2017 and have spent our time wisely… exploring the islands and learning everything we can about island life and Samoan culture. To read more about our story, see our About page.

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The Clayvilles- Nate (Dad), Melinda (Mom & main voice of AmSamFam), Hadley (in the snorkel mask), Holden (the hugger), and Kip (the huggee)

Readers Looking to Get In Touch

If you’re here for the first time, Afio Mai (Samoan for Welcome)! Feel free to drop us a line and introduce yourself.

If you’re a return reader, welcome back and thanks for your continued support. You can introduce yourself too, it’s never too late to make new friends.

Tell us what brought you to AmSamFam. Are you looking for a tropical vacation where you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty, beautiful people, and authentic culture? Are you moving here and wondering where or how to start planning? Maybe you’re moving back home after a long absence. Or you might be a local, just wondering where to find all the hidden treasures you see on our Instagram (there’s no shame in that, exploring these islands is our PASSION!).

Let us know. We love sharing all our island knowledge and adventures!

Also, make sure to search our website to find what you’re looking for and leave a comment on the relevant blog post to ask specific questions or share your own related experience. We love to hear your stories, too.

Brands Looking to Work with Us

Although our website is new, we’ve been doing this for years. We know how to reach your future clients.

Local Business- We are happy to feature local businesses/products through reviews and campaigns on social media. Contact us to discuss working together and we can talk details.

Off-Island Business- If you’re an on-line business looking to advertise to the wonderful people of American Samoa, you found the right place. We love to promote products and services that we have found useful or fun. If it’s something we already love, we’re ready to shout it from the fale-tops. If you have something new to us, we’d love to give it a try and give honest feedback of our experience.

Either way, please know that we will always give our honest and fair opinion.

You can contact us at amsamfamtalks@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Oh my goodness Melinda, I am so glad that I stumbled on your YouTube channel which led me to this blog. I commend you and your husband for the amazing decision to move the family to Am Samoa. My husband and I took a trip to the Island last spring and I was sold. My husband is Samoan and we took a trip to celebrate my father in laws 80th birthday with him. From the moment the sun rose I was just overwhelmed with the peace and tranquility you find there. On the last day before we left I looked over at my husband and told him that this is where I want to live. And so fast forward til now, we have been liquidating a lot of our belongings and will be making the journey to move to Am Samoa in June of this year. We still have 2 school aged kids that will be coming along with us, but I couldn’t be more excited. There are a ton of “I have no clue, how” but we know that we will be okay. Thanks for sharing your story and maybe you can help us our as well. Can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful family. Tofa soifua

    1. Denise, I’m so excited for your upcoming move! And I’m not surprised you fell in love with the island while here. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have and hopefully make your move a little smoother, so you can get out and enjoy the islands that much sooner. Let me know how we can help.

    1. I’m glad to hear it! You won’t regret the trip here or the experience of going to Le Faleo’o. Hope you make it sooner rather than later 😃

  2. Just ran into your YouTube channel. Amazing story and will be following. Your family reminds me of JamilyTV!!! If you don’t know them they are another American family but they live in Upolu on the other islands of Samoa. I’ve been to American Samoa and Samoa, Samoa was more enjoyable for me with lots to do. Would be awesome if I got to see a video with you guys and Jamily Tv together!!! Good Luck and journey on!! Supporting from Texas!

    1. Thanks so much! We haven’t actually met JAMilyTV, but we love their channel and we’ve been talking about meeting up once the borders are open and we’re cleared to travel. Upolu is definitely bigger, which means there are more options. That being said, American Samoa still has so many places just waiting to be explored and appreciated. We have had zero regrets about moving here. Hopefully you’ll be able to check out our island home someday too. Thanks for writing and supporting us. Stay safe and have fun.

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