The Strange and Unique of American Samoa

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Anytime you go somewhere new, you’re going to run into things that make you say, “What the…?” That’s one of the biggest reasons to travel- to see new places and try new things. Every country, town, culture, and ecosystem has … Continued

7 Places to Visit in American Samoa- The Island of Tutuila

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The islands of American Samoa have so much natural beauty that choosing just seven places to highlight was nearly impossible. I could write a whole book about all the places to visit on the main island of Tutuila (maybe I … Continued

A New Life in American Samoa

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Exactly one year ago, today, Nate’s plane landed in American Samoa. Three weeks later the kids and I joined him. And so, began our new adventure in the South Pacific. This past year has been one of growth and learning, … Continued


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