Utumea West, Tutuila Island

The first time we came to Utumea West was on Christmas Day. We were invited by some friends to spend Christmas together at the beach. Not knowing exactly what to expect, we were a little hesitant to commit our whole Christmas Day to an unknown beach. We decided to give it a try, trusting our friends’ experience on the island. Plus, we just can’t say no to a beach invite with friends.

We couldn’t have been happier with our choice.

Utumea West

Utumea West, American Samoa, View from the Road

The view of Utumea West from the road shows just how close the beach and water are.

The beach is right off the road, so there’s no hauling beach toys or lunch through jungle.

Utumea West, American Samoa

A perfect combination of sun and shade for your South Pacific beach day

The beach and road are separated by a row of coconut trees, which are ideal for offering afternoon shade. The kids love trying to climb the trees to harvest coconuts, like in the You-Tube videos they’ve seen.

Utumea West, American Samoa, Coral on the beach

Especially at low-tide, I’d suggest wearing some kind of footwear, that coral can be brutal.

The beach has soft sand, but it does get mixed in with coral and shells as you head into the water. Just to be aware, in case you’re planning on jumping in without water shoes.

Utumea West, American Samoa,

It’s easy to imagine you’re sailing the high seas when you’re standing on a rock, surrounded by the ever-moving ocean

At low-tide, the reef provides great protection, allowing only gently waves to roll past its fortification. With a few larger boulders just off-shore, they make the perfect setting for make-believe games of pirate ship and mermaids.

Utumea West, American Samoa

The gentle waters of low-tide have also proven to be prefect conditions for a little SUPing

Utumea West, American Samoa, Climbing

Climbing on rocks is one of the oldest and most favorite of childhood past times, it’s no different in the South Pacific.

At the east end of beach, where it butts up against a steep cliff, there are lots of bigger boulders. At high-tide, the waves can crash all the way over these climbing rocks, so it’s usually advisable to keep a close eye on the kids or, better yet, head back down the beach.

Utumea West Pinnable Image

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Utumea West

Although we came to Utumea West with some uncertainty, we instantly fell in love with it. We’ve been back many times, by ourselves and to introduce others to this long stretch of sun, shade, sand, and sea. Bring plenty of snacks and water, and you’ll find yourself passing a full day on one of American Samoa’s favorite beaches.

As with most anywhere on the island, it’s always best to ask permission before using the beach. 

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